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Information Management and Technology

Marasco Newton Group's corporate commitment is to keep abreast of technology advancements and invest in the resources required to transform these emerging technologies into meaningful, effective solutions for our clients. Our IT professionals pride themselves on providing our clients with leadership and solutions in the entire range of Information Management and Technology challenges.

Strategic Information Management Services
Internet Services
Business Process Support Services and Training
Data Analysis and Multimedia Dissemination
Computer Network Services
Lotus Notes Development
Records, Electronic Information, and
   Knowledge Management
Independent Systems Project Support
Transportation Systems and Data Management

Management and Training Services

Marasco Newton Group's ever-present goal is to provide management and training assistance to support our clients by creating processes they can own and continue to improve and implement their mission. Our experienced professionals serve as advisors, coaches, trainers, facilitators, and logistic specialists assisting our clients in achieving their goals. We consult on methods to have organizations and teams improve their effectiveness. We coach team leaders and executives on leadership, management and crisis communication tools. We train on conflict management and facilitate workplace dispute programs. We help you educate and communicate with your stakeholder.

Consensus Building, Collaborative Decision Making, and Alternative
   Dispute Resolution
Organizational Effectiveness and Large Group Collaboration
Training, Education, and Communication

Emergency Management

Emergency Management (EM) encompasses many expert systems that manage people and resources to deal with disasters. Since emergencies and disasters give little to no notice, it is essential that organizations anticipate, in normal times, their needs to protect their staff, clients and property from harm and to sustain their operations. Organizational missions and structures vary widely and so do needs for preventing business interruptions and ensuring continuity of operation. By anticipating and training for the unexpected, your organization will deliver efficient operations during the most undesirable conditions.

About Emergency Management
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Environmental Practices

Marasco Newton Group was founded with a dedication to providing solutions for environmental programs. We examine patterns and trends of environmental indicator data. We consult on regulatory processes and activities. Our consultants are well-versed in the spectrum of environmental and natural resources laws and regulations. Though originally specializing in hazardous waste management programs and related risk assessment protocols, the firm's expertise now covers all environmental media.

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Policy and Regulatory Support
Applied Science and Engineering
Brownfields and Community Revitalization
Enforcement and Outreach Services
State and Tribal Consulting